Techno-Lithic Remnants #10 - DetailTechno-Lithic Remnants #10Techno-Lithic Remnants #9 - ModelTechno-Lithic Remnants #9Techno-Lithic Remnants #8 - ModelTechno-Lithic Remnants #8Techno-Lithic Remnants #1-6 DetailTechno-Lithic Remnants #1-6UntitledIrrational Insecurity Module DetailIrrational Insecurity ModuleVolatile Emotional Response Array - Detail ShotVolatile Emotional Response ArrayCrypt of Wanton Riches - Detail with open gates.Crypt of Wanton RichesItalian Village Ring - Lost wax-cast silver and bronzeConcave die-formed ring w/ silver and copper.Convex die-formed ring w/ silver and copper.Sterling silver hollow-form ring w/ reticulation and resin inlay."Sterling silver ring w/ reticulation and rough diamond.Cast Bronze Belt BuckleEtched Nickel-Silver Belt BuckleSilver Repousse Belt BuckleEnameled BraceletRemote AccessStarbucks RingsUntitledContained BackLockdownSilver Pendant w/ ReticulationSilver Repousse w/ Brass Framed BroochDie-Formed Silver PendantSilver Italian Village RingFabricated Brass and Silver PendantSilver Repousse Brooch
This is a compilation of the jewelry I have created over the years, ranging from art jewelry to functional pieces of fine adornment and craft, and to more conceptual sculptural jewelry pieces.